Undetermined short-tailed whipscorpion. Photo by Dr. Jean Krejca, Zara Environmental LLC.

For the last two weeks, we have been working through the world’s 11 orders of living arachnids, all of which occur in Texas, the only U.S. state with such arachnid diversity. From common garden spiders to enigmatic microwhipscorpions, we’ve seen that these arachnids have a variety of unusual forms. However, we have to yet to […]

Undetermined windscorpion. Photo by Cullen Hanks.

Last week, we learned that all 11 of the world’s arachnid orders can be found without ever leaving the boundaries of Texas. We were introduced to several of the more common orders, but left off heading to the Trans-Pecos for some of the largest of Texas’ arachnids. Most people that live in central and west […]

Undetermined pseudoscorpion.  Photo by Dr. Jean Krejca, Zara Environmental LLC.

Texas is blessed with a rich diversity of eight-legged critters. Few people realize, however, the impressive array of very different arachnids that you can find in Texas. Specifically, of the 11 orders of arachnids currently alive, Texas is the only U.S. state where you can find them all (we’re number one!). What does that mean? […]

Photo by Scott Wahlberg; HoTX observation 403266.

The Texas Nature Trackers Herps of Texas Project (HoTX), needs your help to document populations of Crawfish Frog in Texas!  Crawfish frogs were formerly found in prairies throughout East Texas, but today they are only known from a few remnant populations.  The map depicts historic localities of the species (brown) as well as recent observations […]

An acoustic monitor is turned on by Jonah, Dana & Rick.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Bat Conservation International (BCI) are collaborating on the fourth year of a project to monitor bats in the Texas panhandle.  This work is supported by a grant through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s White-nose Syndrome Grants to States Program awarded to TPWD.  The goal of this […]

Texas map turtle, Colorado River, Travis County, Texas (Cullen Hanks).

Freshwater turtles are a conspicuous component of freshwater ecosystems in Texas. Habitat loss and degradation, competition with non-native species, commercial collection (currently legal for only four freshwater turtle species in Texas), depredation by landowners and fishermen, and vehicle mortality represent significant threats to turtle populations.  Some of these threats are not unique to turtles and, […]


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